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Strike’s KickStarter Campaign – Help Us Build Our Taproom!

Posted on by Jenny

Howdy there! It’s time again for another edition of Strike’s world famous, internationally renowned, Oscar winning blog.  In this edition, we thought we’d fill you in on all the happenings at the new brewery! In case you have been living under a rock, on the moon or in your bunker awaiting the zombie apocalypse, yes, we are building a brewery!  Things are really starting to pick up and it certainly is enjoyable to watch.  So far the concrete has been cut, lines have been dug for the bathroom plumbing, concrete has been poured for curbs around the wet area, as well as around the trench drain, and the floors have been sloped.

Next, comes putting up the walls around the bathrooms and a whole lot of painting.  Drew has graciously offered to paint a mural on one of the walls; but, we politely declined as finger painting of stick figures isn’t exactly the look we were going for.  All of these projects are in preparation for the arrival of the brewing equipment which is anticipated for the beginning of April.

Another fun project tied in with building out the brewery deals is the tap room. Very recently, we received our permit from the city that will allow us to open a tasting room at the brewery. Having overcome that good sized hurdle, we are now commencing a Kickstarter campaign to help us furnish the new tap room.  The purpose of this campaign is to use crowd funding to help raise money so that we can purchase tables, chairs, glassware, an 8 tap bar and any other materials we need to give the place our personal touch.  So please, take a look at our Kickstarter campaign page (link), check out the rewards we’re offering for different levels of contribution; and, if you have any friends who might be interested in helping out, we’d appreciate it if you passed along the link to our page.

We hope everyone out there is doing well and we hope see you at the brewery for a visit. Make sure to keep up to date on our progress through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Cheers!  -Drew

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