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We’re competitors, adventurers, and explorers, just like you. You seek beers with flavor and character. That’s why we founded Strike Brewing Company.

We create distinctive beers for those who don’t sit on the bench. Enjoy our session beers with friends and family to celebrate any adventure.

It all started after a SF Giants victory…

Strike Brewing Company is a dream born from an unlikely scenario. Although it wasn’t drawn on the “back of a napkin”, our story is not too different from other Silicon Valley start up stories. In July 2008, a number of us were celebrating Jenny’s (one of our founders & CEO) birthday and a San Francisco Giants victory. Everyone was teasing Ben, Jenny’s boyfriend and future husband, about his dedication to a watered down national brand of beer.  The conversation eventually drifted to Drew, founder and now brewmaster, and Jenny espousing their fondness for craft beers.  From there the conversation went, “why not bring our home brew to the masses”?

Making it happen…

It was natural for this trio of friends to focus on what they viewed was a gap in the craft brew market – the active lifestyle. The Strike team is made of two former pitchers and a collegiate swimmer who are still extremely active with CrossFit, triathlons, biking and running. We all agreed; there were really no great, flavorful beers catering to all those pursuing an active lifestyle whether they be marathoners, canoeists, triathletes, hikers or skiers. We craved a wider selection of local craft beers containing modest alcohol and full flavor but weren’t “light” flavorless diet beers. And we knew dozens of other athletes wanted the same; beers to sip with friends, in celebration with conversation that were not necessarily looking for a light headed buzz.

Later that year Drew stepped up his home brewing game, modifying and creating dozens of new brews. Friday nights became brew and bottling nights with the three of us getting together to see if we could make the idea of full flavor modest alcohol a reality. By fall 2008, the beers were getting good and our excitement as well as that of our “tasting” friends grew. During the holiday season of 2008, we made the decision to make a run at starting the Bay Area’s newest craft brewery.  Jenny left her job after four years with a Silicon Valley start-up in the summer of 2009 and returned to business school.  There she spent two years concentrating on learning the beer business and building a solid business plan to bring Strike to the starting line. Meanwhile Drew worked to perfect his recipes, scale them for commercial production, and build contacts within the industry.

Business and Beer…

After Jenny completed her MBA at Rice University in May 2011, we applied for our alcohol permits and incorporated Strike Brewing Co. By December 2011 our first four Strike beer styles were available for sale: a Blonde, Brown, Porter and Wit.  The Blonde, Brown, Porter and Wit are “session style” beers (less than 5% alcohol by volume) with a balance between malt and hop characters and a clean finish – exactly what we knew athletes and outdoor adventurers were searching for.  Later that year we added an IPA, Imperial Red, and Stout to the line-up.


Strike Brewing Company is focused on bringing the best selection of session style and high gravity beers to craft beer fans while especially supporting and encouraging all those living the active lifestyle – which abounds in the Bay Area.  From surfing to skiing, you can get it all in California.  Strike aims to be the beer at the finish line and a worthy reward for the endeavor well done.

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